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Happy Topia is based on building an ecosystem of all technologies and business areas that can give direct pleasure to humans. Play is one of the most humane human beings. Human beings can be confirmed to live as humans through play.


HealthTopia is based on building an ecosystem of technologies and uses that can protect our health. If you lose everything but you have not lost your health, you have the opportunity to have it all again, and if you lose everything, you get everything and you get nothing.


Human Topia represents the ultimate goal of H3-Coin users and investors as well as the end point of implementation. Just as every nation binds the people together with their individual ideals, the entities participating in an economic ecosystem will each desire to be rewarded for ...

About H3 Alliance PTE., LTD.

The H3-Coin System aims to implement three or more. we are making healthy, happiness, humanity, and investing in investment for me and my family, worthwhile investment, investment in the future, and certainty.
In order to fulfill this H3-Coin’s point of view and to ensure the fulfillment of functionality as a utility coin, we will invest in and build an ecosystem for each of them.

Recent News

h3alliance news 20190213

Paypro, concluded an MOU with Extrade Co., Ltd.

On the 11th of January, the two executives of the two companies attended the meeting and signed a MOU on the recruitment of joint franchises in the headquarters meeting room of the company. , And to cooperate strategically in order to expand the franchisees, which are local small-scale companies.

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